Welcome to BigfootCMS!!!!

All the benefits of Fat Free Framework at it's core but using a single MySQL table to map out routes and their optional settings. Templates are pure HTML. View the source to see how clean the source tree is. No Tidy used here. A small function was tailor-built to manage the DOM tree. This system is extremely flexible and uses around 2mb of ram to render this page.

Adding a script to footer is dead simple. Adding additional JS/CSS is easy and automatically gets moved to the appropriate place in the rendered page. This system makes use of a concept we call "dynamics". Essentially HTML tags with id's are checked against a list of PHP scripts that match the filenames of the scripts. The output of these scripts is automatically inserted into the HTML and any JS/CSS is moved to the correct spot. Every Dynamic script is simple, pure PHP.

A very basic hook system is used to build plugins that extend the functionality of the CMS. The entire Authentication system, for example is handled via a Auth plugin located in the /plugins directory. None fo the core is modified to handle authetication. Everyhing related to authentication and user management is done via the hook system. All plugins can add new Fat Free routes as needed.

The navigation tree is built fast, on-the-fly directly out of the database using nothing more than /virtual_path.html, /parent_path.html, nav_title, and if appears to have a position in navigation field marked to include "topnav", which happens to be the name of the "dynamic" that draws this navigation you see above. These are all pages in the database.

It's Fat Free Framework, with a lot less work to rapidly build a website. Also, there is a slick interface almost finished to manage websites, which is also a plugin in itself.  You can access the login page via /login.

You can map directories to software as well is any other virtual path. This allows you to map /helpdesk to a Helpdesk middleware script that interfaces with systems like OSTicket or /forum/* to SMF forums for example. Because those systems are full blown applications, a tiny interface script will need to be written to handle session management. The output of those systems can be easily integrated into your website. This is not like any other system available, anywhere. Period.

This system will also be building a catalogue of add-on's and plugins including lightweight proof-of-concept shopping carts, payment processing integration, etc. My belief is that developers should be able to pick and choose the core components of their websites including whether or not they want a CMS interface, want to use their own or a 3rd party Authentication system, etc. BigfootCMS strikes a perfect balance between picking just a Framework or picking a typical CMS which can landlock programmers into using CMS specific modules and plugins. Our system doesn't force you to use plugins written for the CMS. Instead, we only require that the plugins are regular PHP scripts.

Consider supporting this project by donating at the link found at https://www.icode4u.com/. Thank you. https://www.icode4u.com/